Programmes available

We offer various Auditory Integration Training (AIT) programmes:

The ‘Practitioner-led’ AIT Programme:


The Practitioner-led Programme includes:

  • Assessment,
  • Personalised 10 day AIT programme,
  • LWS (Light Wave Stimulation),
  • Nutritional advice from our GAP practitioner.

The programme is run over 10 to 12 days. It is customised for each person.

Our practitioner will visit each day, carefully assessing and monitoring the progress of your child as the programme proceeds.

The programme can be done at your nearest AIT practitioner’s office or in the comfort of your home when this can be organised.

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The ‘Distance (or Home) AIT Programme’:

With advances in modern technology, Sensory Clinic now offer Auditory Training world-wide.

This is a personalised 10 day AIT programme supervised by you, a responsible parent, guardian or caring professional.

We are available online should you have questions before, during, or after the programme.

The two options for the distance program are:

  • Distance – listen online: This programme allows your child to listen to AIT music specially customised, prepared and hosted by Sensory Clinic on our website. If you do not already have high quality headphones, we will suggest that you purchase a recommended brand. Requirements for this programme are fast and reliable internet connection; modern laptop, mobile phone or tablet to play the music. (If you choose to use a phone, it should be a Samsung Galaxy S4 or above, Apple iPhone 5 or above, or equivalent phone).
  • Distance – rent a kit: The AIT music for your child is captured onto an iPod and posted to your home together with professional headphones. A deposit will be charged and refunded once the equipment is returned to us in good working condition.

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