Light Training (Light Wave Stimulation)

We use a number of different LWS devices for our light wave stimulation.

One of the light training devices sold by Sensory Clinic was developed by Dr Jacob Lieberman who has worked effectively with more than 15000 individuals from the learning disabled and physically/emotionally traumatised to business executives and Olympic athletes. It has been cleared by the FDA in the USA.

According to Jacob Lieberman: It is designed to help train the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the eye. Your eyes’ focusing muscles flex and relax when they follow the programmed series of alternating red and blue lights. Because the lights turn on in different directions, patterns and speeds, your eyes exercise through their full range of motion—horizontally, vertically, diagonally, near, and far. And you don’t even perspire. Since you often focus at close range while reading or working at a computer, your focusing system becomes stiff and cramped causing eye strain. Limbering up your eyes as part of our standard programme will retrain them to work the way they’re supposed to…and you’ll be well on your way to improving your visual performance. By exercising your eyes, you optimise your visual attention, directly affecting your ability to perform in school, on the job and on the playing field. Whether you’re keeping your eye on the ball in sports, judging distance while driving, or tracking a line of print while reading or computing, the ability of your eyes to aim, track, focus, and work together as a team, is the key to your success.

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