Below is a testimonial showing that Auditory Integration Training actually can make a difference in the lives of your loved ones.

Auditory Integration Training

Mother’s Comments about Tony

  • One week after A.I.T. Tony always undid his shoe laces before taking off – he always remembered – For the first time!
  • Tony said how much he loved R.S. class which was a listening and discussion clas and less emphasis on writing.
  • His locker at school became very tidy.
  • He got credits for his Maths every day for 3 days in a row.
  • Much calmer at home.
  • His first French listening test he got 24/25 – unheard of before!
  • Tony was very enthusiastic about school straight after A.I.T.
  • Tony became calm on football pitch – no screeching or loosing control.
  • Pleasant atmosphere at home – no arguing, just calm!
  • The term straight after A.I.T. was amazing for Tony. He became totally focussed and concentrated, something he had never been before. The teaching staff were completely bowled over, they couldn’t believe it. The second term from January was less good – Tony went off the boil and needed to re-focus. However, the final term Tony completely excelled and got the improvement prize on prize giving day. He got a good clutch of grades and the best report he has ever had.

Tony’s comments about himself:

  • “Though football (is) very important, I’m concentrating on the academic stuff as it’s the build up to C.E. this year.”
  • “I’ve got a French test next week. I’m going to bring it home because I really want to get good marks.”
  • “I really love music lessons – they’re such fun!”

Teachers’ Comments about Tony:

  • “The boy’s on fire!”
  • Learning Support – “What a change, both boys (referring to his brother) are flying.” Also “He’s completely different, totally focussed and wants to do well.”
  • Maths Teacher – “He’s working very well and doing very well. He is getting on with it and asking less for help.”
  • History Teacher – “His history is very good.”
  • Headmaster told Tony he heard that he had been working very well.

Please note: Names and photos have been changed to protect our clients confidentiality.

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